How To Supply Shaped Large Format & Drilled Signage Files


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This file supply guide applies to the following products.

  • Cut-out Figures
  • Shaped / Drilled Foamex Boards & Signs
  • Shaped / Drilled Dibond Boards & Signs
  • Shaped / Drilled Correx Boards & Signs
  • Shaped Window Graphics / Decals
  • Shaped 'Flat Wall' Vinyl Stickers
  • Shaped 'Brick Wall' Vinyl Stickers
  • Shaped Floor Vinyl Stickers
  • Selfie Frames

Ask us for a template before starting your design.

Special Requirements

1) No Print Bleed

The 15mm bleed on these products is a non-print area for the registration marks used by the machine to align the cut. This will be displayed by red rectangles within the finishing layer.

2) Node/Anchor Point Limits

Product Max Node Complexity per file
Cut-out Figures 40
Shaped/Drilled Boards 40
Shaped Vinyls (Decals) 40
Selfie Frames


Cut-out Lettering 30 characters
Die Cut and Nodes

3) Solid shape cut paths

Ensure any die cut paths are solid shapes including at the trim edge where there are straight edges. A solid shape is a "compound path", this means that it's a closed shape with no open ends. This includes straight edges as there is no guillotining on these products.

4) Cutter guide set up

Your shape needs to be set in a 2pt stroke line using the DIE-CUT FORME swatch (C:37, M:0, Y:83, K:0) that is available within the template. Your line also needs to be set to overprint. Note point 3 above about the shape having to be a complete shape, including any straight edges.

The pink circles in the example above are only used to indicate an InDesign Anchor Point.

5) Drill holes

If required, drill holes need to be specified with a solid DIE-CUT FORME circles. A 5mm diameter hole is the minimum.

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Please Note: Your Artwork must be received and approved for print by 2pm to guarantee the turnaround time chosen.

For Same-Day services, your Artwork must be received and approved for print by 10am to guarantee Same-Day service.


Please set up your artwork to the following specifications:

Bleed: 3mm
Safe Zone: 3mm
Format: PDF or JPG
Colour: CMYK (RGB/Pantones will be converted during proofing)
Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
Resolution: 300 dpi minimum


Please use the following guides to help set your artwork up for print:

General Tips

Pre-Press Guide


Let us know what you are looking for and we'll try our best to quote it for you.

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