Increase sales revenue with custom-made product packaging.

Contact us to arrange a meeting on 01707 393991 to discuss your project further.


Increase sales revenue with custom-made product packaging.

Contact us to arrange a meeting on 01707 393991 to discuss your project further.


Packaging is much more than just protective covering for shipments; it functions as space-saving storage and as an efficient transport solution, as well as having a role in increasing sales. Companies use packaging as a targeted advertising medium to communicate their publicity messages and the benefits of their product with the aim of influencing customer decisions in the retail sector. As such, packaging design, size and shape have a direct influence on product sales and revenue.


Attractive product packaging, adapted to the target group, creates a link between products, brands, and potential buyers. It catches people’s attention and stimulates demand, provides information about the product and makes consumers want to buy it. Custom-made product packaging is therefore particularly suitable in the following cases:

  • You intend to build up your brand recognition and customer confidence
  • You need to communicate product benefits and advertising messages effectively
  • You want to differentiate yourself from competitors
  • The product is not self-explanatory and room for text is needed
  • The product design is not particularly impressive or attractive
  • Bricks-and-mortar retailers expect your products to be packaged
  • Storage and shipping need to be more efficient
  • The products need protecting from damp, dirt, or other environmental influences

If a uniform brand identity is important for your company, implement your corporate design on the packaging; your unique company colours and logo will make it easy for consumers to identify your brand quickly. Nowadays, customers are often confronted with shop shelves crammed full of different products – and find it hard to choose between them. A packaging design that stands out and makes a positive first impression can be the deciding factor in the buying process. Creative and high-quality product packaging increases the value of a product, too, because buyers consider the item inside to be of higher quality accordingly.


In the past, having a small packaging print run was expensive. Nowadays you can pick and choose from our standard size boxes in quantities to fit your requirements.

Kall Kwik Welwyn Garden City offers short run printed packaging at cost-effective prices across the UK.

Whether testing the market with a few samples or printing a full packaging range, at Kall Kwik Welwyn Garden City we can provide product boxes in quantities to suit you. Our short runs start from as little as two pieces – great for one-off products or special occasions.

We also have a wide range of templates available, which can make your packaging very cost-effective. Contact us to find out more.

We have 15 standard size packaging options to solve your packaging conundrums. Our packaging is made from a variety of resilient materials, including 240gsm coloured paper, Chromolux and varying thicknesses of board including corrugated for extra strength.

Each substrate has different properties, with a variety of lamination and printing options available depending on the material chosen.

Our short run, low volume printed packaging includes:

  • Dome confectionery box
  • Durable box
  • Garment pillow pack
  • Goody box
  • Jewellery pillow pack
  • Presentation pack
  • Short product box
  • Takeaway box
  • Tall product box
  • Wine box


Our new easy box is designed for numerous products and lines of business. Choose from seven categories with a total of 25 basic packaging types and then adapt your folding cartons based on your specific needs via free format.

Whether you need to pack up cosmetic products, stationary supplies, small electronic components, jewellery, or medical products, boxes can be configured in up to a billion variants due to the millimetre-specific dimensions and box types. Standard sizes with little scope for individual personality are now a thing of the past!

The fact that our boxes can be measured and configured to the millimetre reduces the necessity for packaging materials, which is better for the environment. What is more, the easy box is not made of plastic packaging, and is almost 100% recyclable. Full-surface four-colour printing leaves a lot of scope for varied design and gives the packaging the personality it needs. Further advantages are:

  • High quality and tear-resistant 350gsm GC chromo board
  • No standard measurements - free configuration
  • Easy folds which end customers will be familiar with
  • Available in quantities of 100+
  • Space-saving storage due to flat-pack shipping
  • Suitable for resale