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Make your promotions stand out with printed labels, stickers, and decals in WGC.

Contact us to arrange a meeting on 01707 393991 to discuss your project further.


Printed labels are all around us. On the products we buy to the packaging they are delivered in; when we attend an event through to safety labels to keep us safe, you’d be surprised at how many uses there are. Whether you’re looking for a short run quantity to test as a prototype, or need a much bigger quantity to apply to your products we can print on a wide range of materials depending upon their intended use.

Whether removable or permanent we can create custom shapes for your labels in a range of different dimensions and quantities.

With the importance of product labels in a consumer’s purchasing decision – having good quality, full-colour labels could be the difference between making a sale or not – you’ll want a label that is cost-effective but looks professional.


More than just a means of identifying your products, making them appealing to potential buyers, labels can be used for a whole variety of uses.

Make your promotions stand out with stickers on a roll, publicise important safety information, or highlight your brand around town.

Here are just some of the ways to utilise labels in your business:

  • Product labels
  • Bottle labels
  • Safety labels
  • Car stickers and decals
  • Fun giveaways
  • Rewards for children
Labels on a roll


Die cut to whatever shape you require, stickers on a roll are an effective way of promoting offers, such as Buy One Get One Free or discounted prices. Printed in a full range of colours, stickers on a roll are the most cost-effective way to order labels in bulk.

Available on 8 substrates, these labels are machine ready or can be stuck on by hand. Perfect for labelling product packaging, stickers are also a great way of promoting brands at events.


Vinyl labels can be printed on white or clear sheets and can be temporary or permanent. Suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor, vinyl labels are fully waterproof and UV resistant, and can also withstand extreme temperatures.

Permanent labels have a strong adhesive, making them perfect for safety labels, such as fire evacuation procedures or safety messages. Temporary labels can be removed within six months of application, allowing seasonal promotions to be kept current and regularly updated.

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Vinyl Labels


Our labels can be printed onto a range of paper stock, each with different adhesive options. Choose from permanent, removable or water & ice resistant acrylic based glues depending on your needs. Suitable for food labelling, all our labels can safely have indirect contact with food. They’re also resistant to indirect UV for up to 6 months with humidity resistance available on some styles.

There are a number of printing and finishing options depending on the type of label chosen, including gloss varnish, gloss lamination and matt lamination.

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